Inspiration in an unlikely place

mcdonaldsThe other day my two youngest were stir crazy. It was too hot for the park, so I took them to their favorite (and my least favorite) place for ice cream. On my way out the door I slipped a picture book manuscript into my purse, in true Ame Dyckman fashion.

Within seconds, my kids made eight new friends. They met pirates, Power Rangers, and princesses. One girl was positive she was Elsa. I know people heard her singing, “Let it go” from the drive-through. The kids played happily for a whole hour while I revised. My daughter yelled, “Look Mom, I’m at the very top,” a dozen times. It was loud and crazy and wonderful. Oddly, it was the most productive writing session I’ve had in weeks.

I thought I needed quiet time to write in my office. But I really needed the a fast food playground. Sometimes a little chaos gets the creative juices flowing.

Public Service Announcement!
Here is a business idea for you entrepreneurial people, free of charge. Open a restaurant that has good food and a playground. Parents hate being forced to choose between good food and happy kids. You’ll make millions, guaranteed. I would do it myself, but my interest in the food industry lies in the eating category.